Inststalk: Tool to stalk people anonymously, download stories, and more

Inststalk is one of the websites that can save your day! To learn more about it, keep reading this blog to the end!

We all can relate to the situation when we want to know someone but at the same time want to keep it a secret. It might be a person you like from your class, or somebody you don’t want to stalk with your account.

In this situation, the only logical thing that people think of is to create a new Instagram account that they can use to stalk other people. But still, it is not an efficient way. Many people are tired of this way and are looking for a suitable solution. If you are also fed up with this traditional way of stalking people, then this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have shared an amazing service that helps you to stalk people. There are many perks of using this service and it can save help you with its advanced options. We have discussed all of them below in this blog.

About Inststalk

Inststalk is a website that helps its users to stalk people without having to log in to an account. You can see stories from different Instagram accounts. It also allows you to watch Instagram videos. You can download stories and videos from Instagram. It is compatible with all devices. You can use it on your browser. 

It is completely free and requires no logins or anything like that. It is like a real Instagram account but instead of adding your login details, you use an anonymous Instagram account. It is a quick and nice service to stalk someone and provides nice features.

Benefits of using Inststalk

There are tons of features on the Inststalk service. The following are some of the major perks:

1. Stalk people for free

One of the main motives and benefits of using Inststalk is that you can stalk people for free. There are services available online that allow you to stalk people on Instagram, but most of them are either paid or completely trash. 

But this is not the case with Inststalk. You don’t have to pay anything. You can simply open the website and search for the accounts you want to stalk.

2. Watch trending content 

Another cool thing about Inststalk is that it has a section where you can see the trending content on Instagram. You can select from different categories and scroll to see what’s trending.

They have categorized trending sections under different names. You will see a car category for car lovers, a food category for food lovers, and so on. You can click on any category and you will be shown all the new trendy content related to that category.

It is a nice option and can help you to explore and find more and better content. Other than trending posts and videos, they also suggest you trending Instagram accounts that are getting a lot of followers. You can stalk them if you want. 

3. Download stories and videos

Many times we want to see a post on Instagram that we want to download for later. It might be a funny video that you liked a lot or an inspirational video. Downloading posts and videos from Instagram can be difficult sometimes. Some websites allow you to download stuff from Instagram but most of them are filled with junky ads and malware.

If you are somebody who likes to download Instagram posts without getting any viruses then you can use Inststalk. You can download any post or video that you want from Instagram.

Not only that, but you can also download my story if you want. Mostly, downloading stories can be a difficult thing. You have to get a screen recorder to record someone’s story. But not anymore, you can simply download stories from any account with Inststalk.

4. Compatible with all devices and browsers 

Another benefit of using Inststalk is that it will not cause problems whether it is used on an Android device or an IOS device. Other operating systems including macOS are also compatible. You can use this website on any type of browser. There is no restriction on that either.

HOW-TO: Use Inststalk

Inststalk is very easy to use. You can visit the Inststalk website. After that, you will see a search bar. Simply enter the name of the account, story, or hashtag that you want to explore. You don’t have to log in or anything. You can start stalking and exploring content right away.


Instagram users always face problems when they have to stalk somebody. Traditionally, people create new Instagram accounts to stalk people. But not anymore, you can now use Inststalk to stalk anyone. On top of that, it comes with many other options. We have discussed all of them in this blog. You can check them out.

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