How to read Manga: beginners guide

How to read Manga? Is this the question you are concerned about? If yes then you should consider reading this blog to the end.

Taking interest in a new type of content is a good thing. Especially when it is something that teaches you new stuff about other cultures. Many people read Manga because they are inspired by Japanese culture and want to know more about it.

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Another reason for reading Manga could be an interest in new content. You might be bored by reading all the superhero or American comic book content and want to try something new. Whatever the reason is, Manga is one of the best choices for that.

Manga is older than the regular comics that we read. It is a cultural thing and has evolved over the years for good. New and better content has been produced over the decades. Because of that, Manga has become popular outside Japan. Even Americans are taking interest in it.

But there is a slight problem. When a beginner starts to read Manga he gets confused because there is a proper way of reading Manga that a newbie doesn’t know about. So in this blog, we are going to discuss what is Manga, what is the proper way to read it, and a bunch of other questions that might come to your mind.

So if you are somebody who takes interest in Manga and wants to know more about it, then you are going to love this article. So keep reading!

Manga – the Japanese culture and history!

If I have to put Manga in simple words, it is a Japanese comic. Manga is different from the comics in the western world because they are older than them. Manga was originally started in the 19-20th century as Japanese art. At first, Manga was only cartooning but it eventually evolved and became comics.

Japanese people love Manga because they consider it a part of their history and culture. Today you can find all kinds of Manga. All the genres available in the west are also available in Manga. There are millions of Manga series available and it is always trending in Japan.

Manga reading style

When we talk about the reading style of Manga most people ask questions like Is there a reading style?  what is the proper way to read Manga? And Why is there a reading style? So in this section, we will answer all of these questions one after the other.

The answer to the first question is yes, there is a proper reading style of Manga. You can not read it like you read western comics and if you do, you will not understand a single page.

The answer to the next question “what is the proper way of reading Manga?” is that it is read right to left. Yes, the Manga reading style is completely different from the western comics reading style. In the west, all the comics are read left to write but not Manga. It is the traditional way of reading Manga and people are reading this for centuries now. This is how to read manga.

The last question is why there is a reading style for Manga. Well, we can not debate on that because the simple answer is that it is used for centuries and people in Japan are used to it. Like the west is used to reading left to right, the Japanese are also used to reading right to left. So there is no specific answer to that.


Now that you know how to read manga, let’s discuss the reading method more. When it comes to the reading style of Manga, some people often ask the question “Why is Manga Read Right to Left?”. Well, there is a logic behind it. As mentioned before Manga is from the 19th century, so the people of 19th-century Japanese culture used to write from right to left. So they used to make Manga from right to left following their original way and from that on people carried this way and it is still popular and people use it.

Though today, not all people in Japan write from right to left. Some write vertically but for Manga, the traditional right-to-left style is used.

The most popular Manga

The most popular Manga till now is One Piece by Eichiro Oda. This single Manga series has sold over 500 million copies all around the world and it is still going. The total number of volumes has crossed 100 and the series is still going. It was created in 1997 and since then it has gained massive audiences all around the world.

Other than that, other famous Manga includes Golgo 13, Dragon Ball, Doraemon, and many more. All of them combined have sold over a billion copies all over the world. They became so popular that today there are TV shows and games around these Manga series.

Types of Manga

For those who didn’t know, Manga is divided into categories and genres. There are genres targeting a specific type of audience and age group. In this section, we will discuss the major types of Manga.

The first age group or type of Manga is for kids and boys below 16. This category is known as the Shonen. The word Shonen refers to a person of a very small age. The content in this category is mostly adventure, action, and other kinds of children’s genres.

The next type of Manga is Seinen. This category is for boys over the age of 16 to 25. Some Seinen series is erotic but not most of them. This category includes all genres and can be fun to watch.

If you are a girl who is interested in Manga then don’t worry, there is a separate category for you. It is called the Shojo category. This is created for girls under 18. Another category for girls is the Josei category. This is created for girls over the age of 18.

If you are looking for Manga for a kid then a category called Kodomomuke can also be useful for you. This is solely created for kids of small ages and has no adult content in it. Kids of any age can read these types of Manga.

Manga for beginners

Once you know how to read manga, the next step is to find a good manga series. If you are just starting and haven’t read a single Manga series then there are a lot of good options that a beginner can choose from. Our first recommendation for you would be Berserk. This series revolves around a swordsman in a dark fantasy world. You can try it out.

If you have watched One Punch Man cartoons in your childhood then you can also start with the One Punch Man Manga series. It is fun and will be nostalgic for you.

If you are a big-time Naruto fan then go for the Naruto Manga series and have fun reading your favorite character. You can also start with One Piece, the best-selling Manga series of all time.

When you are starting try to find Manga series that you already know about. This will help you get comfortable with the new reading style and at the same time, you can enjoy reading your favorite characters. I can bet that there is a long list of Manga that you already know about. Because it is so popular that you don’t even realize it’s Manga. So choose wisely because first impressions can make or ruin your experience.

Why does Manga have no color?

When it was asked the Manga creators why Manga had no color, they answered that it is more work for them. So the main reason for Manga not having colors is that the Manga creators think it takes time and they already have a lot of work to do.

To produce more content and to spend more time on drawing, they avoid coloring. Another reason that they don’t color is that most of the time the Manga artists are on short deadlines so they avoid coloring because it takes a lot of time to do.

Is Manga better than Anime?

This is the question that nobody looks at. Because nobody wants to mess with the audience comparing the two. Anime has its audiences and has dealt with it. People who read and watch anime are interested in that kind of artwork. On the other hand, Manga is also respected and appreciated for its legendary artwork.

It purely depends on the person’s preference. But if we have to compare the two, Manga is the winner. It is because Manga is there for centuries. The art of Manga has improved a lot over the years and it is getting better and better. If I have to pick a side between Manga and Anime, I would pick Manga because of its history and the legacy it carries.


Manga is an incredible form of art and carries a legacy. It has just gotten better and deeper over the years. For people who come from a western background, Manga is initially difficult to read because of a different reading style. So for those people, we have discussed how to read manga along with some other important things about it.

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