Cpasbien alternatives (5 best sites that still work) in 2022

Like many other torrent websites, Cpasbien is also going more frequently, and the torrenting community is looking for Cpasbien alternatives. Below, I will highlight the best Cpasbien alternatives that you can easily access to download your favorite content.

Although it is not a legal and big security concern to access pirated content from torrent websites, still torrenting is the most popular and most accessed way that lets you access your favorite content files, such as movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. for free.

However, they are not a reliable and safe source to watch and download free content, and with each passing day, they are disappearing, or you cannot easily access them.

One such torrent site available around is Cpasbien. It is probably the most visited torrent website in France and one of the most popular in other parts of the world. However, nowadays, users who often download and watch French content from the Cpasbien website are experiencing issues with the website and complaining that they are not able to access it.

So, why torrent websites are getting blocked or disappearing?

Well, as I already said, they are not a legal and safe platform; there are many reasons why they are disappearing and blocked. It includes copyright violations, ISPs violations, and many more, and as a result, they are getting blocked by the government and other organizations.

So what to do now?

But all of that doesn’t mean that you cannot download and watch your favorite content for free. There are many alternatives to Cpasbien that are still working, and you can use them. These Cpasbien alternatives not only offer the latest content for free but also a great source to expand your horizons and discover new content.

However, I highly advise that before using any of the below Cpasbien alternatives or any other torrent website, you should use a VPN as they are not safe and may contain malware.

5 best Cpasbien alternatives are here!

1. Torrent 9 (Best Cpasbien alternatives)

Cpasbien alternatives

Just like Cpasbien, Torrent 9 is one of the most fabulous torrent websites and one of the most accessed ones too. The torrent website is a reliable platform and has stormed into popularity in recent years. The main reason for Torrent 9 popularity is its simple interface and the enormous torrent files collection.

You can download and watch any content, including French content, for free. The website also beat other Cpasbien alternatives in various other aspects. However, just like any other torrent website, it is also not accessible in some regions due to copyright violations.

You will see a huge collection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, French content, and other content. You will also be able to download the latest content in HD for free.

2. Kickass Torrent (Best Cpasbien alternatives)

Cpasbien alternatives

Kickass Torrent is another best Cpasbien alternative and among the most accessed torrent website available around. Kickass Torrent also offers a huge collection of torrent files that users can download and watch for free. Moreover, it also provides magnet links to facilitate P2P sharing through BitTorrent.

The interface of the website is simple and can be accessed easily. However, again, like other torrent files, it is also banned in some regions due to legal issues. The interface lets you search your favorite movies, TV shows, music, games, and more.

If you are on Kickass Torrent and cannot find a file, you can head over to its community, where you can request that file. It also includes a FAQ section where you can discuss queries and how to operate the website.

3. Pirate Bay (Best Cpasbien alternatives)

Cpasbien alternatives

As the name tells, it is a heaven for all the torrent users to download pirated content for free. With a homogenous torrent index of TV shows, movies, and much more, it is a one-stop torrent platform to get everything you want.

However, it is a bit annoying because of the pop-up ads from adult sites. After losing a bit of its charm, it has now removed all such ad pop-ups to make it an appropriate torrenting platform for its users. It is yet another best Cpasbien alternative that you can consider.

4. 1337X (Best Cpasbien alternatives)

Cpasbien alternatives

Yet another best Cpasbien alternative available around is 1337X. The website is wildly popular among users who want to download the latest content for free in HD. Although it is not as popular as the other Cpasbien alternatives that I have mentioned so far, it is still pretty good for almost all of your torrenting needs.

The interface of 1337X is quite simple and lets you search any torrent file you are looking for. Unlike any other free torrent platform, it doesn’t include any annoying pop-up ads that you have to tolerate, and that is why I have highlighted it here.

5. GK Torrents (Best Cpasbien alternatives)

Cpasbien alternatives

Here is one more Cpasbien alternative that lets you search your favorite TV shows, movies, apps, music, ebooks, games, and French content and download it for free. The website also features up to 100 recommendations that you can browse through.

You will also see the latest content on its homepage to download it for free in HD. Moreover, especially for French users, you will be able to download your favorite content in just a few clicks. It also includes pop-up ads, but they are only a few.

Why should you use a VPN while torrenting?

Regardless of how popular torrenting is, it is also a fact that it is not a safe, reliable, and legal way. It might run you in legal issues and expose your identity. To avoid any kind of threat and security risk while torrenting, it is recommended to have a VPN.

A VPN hides your identity by allocating you a virtual IP address and a server that is located in any other location to protect your identity and privacy. There are plenty of free VPNs available on the web, but as they are free, they do not guarantee to protect your identity.

I recommend you to use a premium version to make sure you are safe while torrenting. Some best-paid VPNs with a free trial that you must consider include CyberGhost, Express VPN, Surf Shark, and Nord VPN.


Cpasbien is an excellent torrent website to download and watch French content in HD for free. However, it is becoming more difficult to access and often goes down. Avid users of Cpasbien are now looking for Cpasbien alternatives that are reliable and allows them to download and watch their favorite TV shows, music, movies, ebooks, and more for free. Above, I have listed five best Cpasbien alternatives that you should consider as your next torrent website.

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