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Top Best Tumblr Alternatives That You Should Check

There are plenty of social media and blogging platforms available out there. With the rise and dominance of mainstream social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., we often neglect some other platforms that are still existing. Among those platforms, one is Tumblr, which is a microblogging and social media platform and has its own fan base.

The platform allows users to share photos, videos, text like a short blog. There are numerous other short blogs, and if you want, you can follow them as well. The platform features a simple and user-friendly dashboard that allows users to manage their blogs. At the initial stages of Tumblr, the platform was owned and operated by Yahoo, giving users all the freedom they want. Later, it was purchased by Verizon Media, and the new owner introduces many stringiest policies, and one of those restrictions was the ban of NSFW content.

Why Tumblr Alternatives?

Why Tumblr Alternatives?
Why Tumblr Alternatives?

As stated earlier, it was a popular platform for users where they have the freedom to create short blogs and share whatever they want, but after the Tumblr was sold to Verizon Media, the new owner introduced new strict policies. From its various new policies, one was the ban of NSFW content. About those more stringent policies, the company’s stand was that they want to make the platform a better and positive place.

However, these policies backfired, and the majority of users switched over to other microblogging platforms. Users also filed a petition to lift the ban of NSFW content, because the majority of Tumblr users see the platform a safe place, where they express their expressions and explore themselves. But after these new policies, users start switching over to other platforms, where they can explore themselves without any judgment.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

Best Tumblr Alternative
Best Tumblr Alternative

1-      Blogger – Best Tumblr Alternative

Blogger – Best Tumblr Alternative

Blogspot, or commonly referred to as Blogger, is a free blogging platform and one of the best Tumblr alternatives. The platform was created in 1999, and later on, in 2003, Google bought it. The platform is the easiest one, and if you are involved in the Google ecosystem, this is the best Tumblr alternative.

The platform has a straightforward post editor, which allows you to have up to a hundred blogs on a single account. The platform allows users to view comprehensive stats, traffic sources, monthly page views, and more. Moreover, Since the platform is integrated with Google AdSense, you can take advantage of monetization as well.

Key Points

  • Easy to setup.
  • Owned by tech giant Google.
  • Google AdSense for monetization.

2-      WordPress – Best Tumblr Alternative

Wordpress - Best Tumblr Alternative
WordPress – Best Tumblr Alternative

If you are making a list of best blogging platforms and best Tumblr alternatives and don’t include WordPress in your list, your list will be incomplete. It is another widely used platform and best Tumblr alternative that you can have. The platform has two free versions; one is free, and the other is CMS ( open-source script-based  (Content Management System) that you can install on a web browser and start your blogging instantly. The other WordPress CMS version is incredibly straightforward, and you can customize it as per your preferences, as well as offers various themes, a plug-in for performance-enhancing, multi-user support, SEO, integration of social networks, and much more.

Key Points

  • Incredibly straightforward and accessible.
  • Offers solid administration options.
  • Highly customizable and fully scalable.

3-      Mastodon – Best Tumblr Alternative

Mastodon - Best Tumblr Alternative
Mastodon – Best Tumblr Alternative

Another blogging platform, which is extremely popular and used by a massive number of users, is Mastodon. The platform is also another best Tumblr alternative featuring individual dedicated servers and filtered timelines. The platform offers something to everyone and has a friendly community. Moreover, the interface of the website is more like Twitter, while the community is more like Tumblr.

The platform storms to popularity after Tumblr introduced new strict policies, and as a result, the majority of Tumblr users switched over to Mastodon. The functionality of the platform is also similar to Tumblr, and users can post their content, while other people can like, repost, and make comments on the content you have shared.

Key Points

  • It offers something for everyone.
  • A friendly community.
  • The interface is similar to Twitter, while the community is similar to Tumblr.

4-      Posthaven – Best Tumblr Alternative

Posthaven - Best Tumblr Alternative
Posthaven – Best Tumblr Alternative

If you are still not impressed with our above-stated best tumbler alternatives list and searching for something else, Posthaven might be what you are searching for. The platform offers you to create an account in just $5 per month, where you can post up to ten blogs. Posthaven promised that it will never get sold to anyone ever. The platform was created by the now-defunct Posterous. It offers password-protected blogs, audio and video content posts, blog activity email notifications, and much more.

Though the platform is new in the blogging business and still in its development phase, it is promising. The only low of the service is that it doesn’t offer any free trial to its users, which means you can’t access it until you pay a $5 monthly fee.

Key Points

  • A set of amazing features.
  • A reliable source for blogging.
  • Post audio and video content.
  • Permanent posts links, even if you don’t pay for it.


Tumblr is one of those great platforms where you had the freedom to post anything, meet like-minded people, and explore yourself. After it sold to another company, it introduces new policies in an attempt to make the platform a better place, but that wasn’t welcomed by users and backfired. As a result, users start looking for other Tumblr alternatives where they have the freedom to post anything they want. If you are also looking for Tumblr alternatives, you can get help from our best Tumblr alternatives list. If you like this list, let us know in the comment section below.


Q: Can I use WordPress for free?

Ans: WordPress comes with two versions; a free and CSM. You can use the free version without paying money.

Q: Can I post videos on Blogger?

Ans: Yes, Blogger allows its users to post audio, video, and text posts.

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