I hated social media…Then it paid my bills

Picture this: me, the loudest grumbler whenever anyone got lost in their phone, scrolling endlessly for reasons I simply couldn’t comprehend. I was a classic social media hater, sneering at perfectly staged brunches and pouty influencers.

But then… businesses I admired swore by it. Every conversation was about growing your audience, whatever that meant. My inner entrepreneur nagged at me, and, honestly, my curiosity got piqued. It was time to join the digital crowds, however begrudgingly.

The struggles of a social media newbie

That first video? Oh boy, I was a hot mess. Forced smiles, awkward pitches… the only ones watching were probably bots programmed for pity likes. I thought, “See? This is all nonsense!” But giving up is not my style. There had to be something to this whole social media thing…everyone couldn’t be wrong, right?

Turning point: When “Aha!” finally clicked

Then it dawned on me: I was barking up the wrong tree. I wasn’t some cookie-cutter influencer; I needed my own voice. Suddenly, an idea struck: what if I pulled the curtain back on my company? Forget the polish, let’s get real.

The content shift was…liberating! We filmed goofy challenges inspired by our work, cracked insider jokes, and talked about our wins and (let’s be honest) our not-so-great days too. And guess what? People noticed! The stiff sales pitches disappeared, and an audience grew – one that actually cared.

Lessons learned (and still learning!)

Social media absolutely transformed my perspective and my business. I’ve learned a ton, and I’m still learning:

  • Be a Human, Not a Billboard: Nobody connects with overly staged stuff. They want those imperfect moments, the laughs, the bloopers…that’s the relatable gold.
  • Data is Your Compass: I used to hate numbers, but now? Analytics sessions are my jam! Knowing what content my audience vibes with is like having a secret weapon.
  • Find Your People: There’s a whole community out there primed to love whatever quirky thing you do – the internet’s the best place to find them
  • Consistency is Queen: Don’t post once and disappear. Reliable content keeps people coming back. Even a few quality posts a week can make a huge difference.

Yeah, maybe I do love social media now

Look, I won’t be doing viral TikTok dances any time soon. But I get the power of social media. It’s brought us closer to our customers and has made a serious impact on our bottom line. I went from eye-rolling cynic to having a major lightbulb moment. Sometimes, it’s okay to admit you were wrong… especially when the results are this good.

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