Top 5 Best ISO Mounter

Technology is dominating the world and transforming everything into the digital one. You find something new in the market every day you woke up. One such thing is mounting tools that are making things much easier and convenient.

Prior to mounting tools, you were used to loading CDs and DVDs with the content to mount the data to your computer and then play it. But now you don’t need to go through all this, as mounting tools are easily available to do the same but in a new way.

These Best ISO Mounters convert the data into BIN, ISO, and IMG file formats, which means all of your data will be stored in a single file making it convenient to transfer it or back it up to other devices.

But the question of how can you open these files? Well, these ISO Mounter tools are capable of launching these file formats in virtual CDs and DVDs to extract the content. However, people who have Windows 8 or 10 are not required to use any third-party ISO Mounter tool since they are already equipped to mount ISO files and then burn the data to CDs and DVDs.

But if you have an older Windows version running on your system or want to try other Best ISO Mounter available in the market for their advanced features, then below are the Best ISO Mounter that you should try.

5 Best ISO Mounter

5 Best ISO Mounter
5 Best ISO Mounter

1-      Daemon Tools Lite – Best ISO Mounter

Daemon Tools Lite
Daemon Tools Lite

Another best ISO mounter tool available around is Daemon Tools Lite. It is sticking around for so long is extremely popular among users. Upon successful installation of the app on your device, all the ISO files stored in it will be automatically linked to the tool, which means you will be able to instantly open them and within a single-click mount them with ease.

The app is not all about mounting ISO files since it also lets you mount other file formats with ease, such as TC, VHD, VMDK, True Crypt Files, and more. Moreover, the tool is feature-rich and has the ability to scan your entire PC to search for image files, organize image files in the best possible order, SCSI, emulate DT, compress virtual drives, send and receive files from an on local networks, and much more.

For people looking to own a feature-rich tool, there is nothing better than Daemon Tools Lite. It is worth mentioning that upon installation, it might also install Opera on your device. It can be used for free, supported by ads.

Benefits and Functionalities

  • It automatically detects ISO image files stored on your device.
  • Mount a range of image files in no time.
  • Comfortably mount hard drives, floppy disks, VMDK, VHD, etc.
  • It automatically organizes all the image files.
  • It will scan your entire PC to scan image files.

2-      Power ISO – Best ISO Mounter

Power ISO - Best ISO Mounter
Power ISO – Best ISO Mounter

Power ISO is a prominent and the Best ISO Mounter available out there. The tool is a great choice to burn data and create images on CDs and DVDs. Using the software, you will be able to create ISO images efficiently and carry out multiple tasks, including mounting. The tool integrates with almost all the CDs and DVDs image files, making it one of the most popular ISO Mounter.

Benefits and Functionalities

  • Easily launch and remove ISO image files in just a few clicks.
  • Easily burn ISO files to any kind of discs to create audio, video, etc.
  • Burn audio discs from multiple formats, including MP3, APE, BIN, etc.
  • Create or edit ISO or BIN files.
  • Use the in-built virtual drive to launch ISO files.

3-      ImDisk Toolkit – Best ISO Mounter

ImDisk Toolkit - Best ISO Mounter
ImDisk Toolkit – Best ISO Mounter

If you are struggling to find an ISO mounter for your Windows operating system, you should check out ImDisk Toolkit. It is a free, open-source tool and also of the best ISO mounter included in this list. It is capable of easily mounting a vast range of image files in no time.

Unlike other mounting tools that only allow you to mount image files, you will be able to mount virtual hard drives, floppy disks, and more while using the ImDisk Toolkit. The feature that we liked the most about it, and also the one that makes it stand apart from other best ISO mounter tools present in this list, is its ability to give you full control on how you want to mount the image files, as well as what is going to happen when you finish mounting them.

Benefits and Functionalities

  • It is a free and open-source mounting tool.
  • Mount a wide range of image files within a few clicks.
  • Easily mount floppy disks and virtual hard drives.
  • Gives you full control over how you want to mount image files and what will happen after that.

4-      WinCDEmu – Best ISO Mounter

WinCDEmu - Best ISO Mounter
WinCDEmu – Best ISO Mounter

Here is another tiny beast that is free to use. Using the WinCDEmu, you will be able to mount image files to Windows without going through a time-consuming process. It can be used on any Windows version. You will also be able to assign a drive letter of your choice and mount the image files at the system start-up.

Unlike other mounting tools that run the autorun.inf applications and programs automatically, this tool allows you to stop them. Moreover, you will be able to create an ISO image file using an existing CD or DVD whenever you want.

For people who want to auto-mount images at system start-up using free software with advanced tools, WinCDEmu is worth trying. However, if you want it for business purposes, you will be required to purchase its licensed version. It is one of the Best ISO Mounter that you should try.

Benefits and Functionalities

  • Mount multiple image file formats, including IMG and ISO, without any hassle.
  • Incredibly compact and also available in a portable version.
  • Create ISO images using the Windows File Explorer pop up menu.
  • Capable of working with almost all types of virtual drives.

5-      Gizmo Drive – Best ISO Mounter

Gizmo Drive - Best ISO Mounter
Gizmo Drive – Best ISO Mounter

It is another extremely compact and the Best ISO Mounter available around. The tool excels in mounting a range of image files, such as NRG, ISO, BIN, CUE, a name a few more, as well as virtual hard drives like VHD.

The thing we liked the most about Gizmo Drive is its ability to created encrypted hard drive images, password protected mounting, integration with a range of virtual drives, and windows command line unmounting. Furthermore, the tool offers an array of options that you can use to meet your requirements.

Benefits and Functionalities

  • Easily mount multiple image files, including the most popular ones like ISO and BIN.
  • Mount virtual hard drives.
  • Easily create encrypted hard drive images to protect them.
  • Password protected mounting.


So these are our top Best ISO Mounter that is worth trying. Though Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 are equipped with their in-built ISO mounting feature, and it works very well, still, if you like to try some other advanced tools, above-stated tools are worth giving a try.


Q: What is the free Best ISO Mounter?

Ans: WinCDEmu and Daemons Tools Lite are the Best ISO Mounter that you should consider.

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